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Our Capabilities

Unique solutions for your construction project.

Pre-Construction Services

As a full-service development and construction company, Kimberly Development Group’s commercial pre-construction services will provide your projects with all the necessary items for successful development. Our core pre-construction services include site selection and land development, concept planning, project coordination, pre-construction estimating and budgeting, value engineering and analysis, government approvals and permitting, unlimited pre-construction meetings, design/build meetings, strategy meetings, etc.


Interior Fit-Up (Dental/Medical)

We have specialized primarily with dental and medical projects and have had the opportunity of being involved with numerous highly recognized projects. We believe in building strong foundations with our clients and strive to earn their trust by our “hands-on” approach to their project, using quality materials together with superior craftsmanship. Why do we excel at Dental / Medical office construction? Our commitment to the highest levels of integrity, standards, and complete client care make Kimberly Development Group the best choice for your Dental / Medical Office construction project.


Design/Build Services

Kimberly Development Group can take your project from the earliest stages to final completion. We can perform site/space analysis (from a construction point of view), budget analysis, help with office layout/design, and value engineering. This important, early groundwork will set the stages for the project of your dreams blending the right time constraints, quality level and cost to suit your specific needs. We have a complete team that can guide you through the entire process as you continue to focus on your core business and day to day operations.


General Contracting

This includes a full spectrum of construction services including: “shell” building construction, retail development and general office Fit-ups. We have the experience to help our clients deliver exactly what their needs are. Since the inception of our business we have completed projects of all sizes and complexities. Throughout we have chosen to stay small to maintain a personal relationship with each and every client throughout the entire project. Our “one-on-one” approach with our clients has afforded Kimberly Development Group the reputation it has worked so hard to achieve.


Site Development Services

Includes a full spectrum of site development services including schedule management, ordering and receiving specialty materials, management of skilled trades and subcontractors, code compliance and inspections, site safety and security. This is our core service and where our professionalism shines. When our projects are turned over to the client we are always confident that our client will be satisfied.